Why should  I care about compliance

Mitchell home medical is committed to helping you become a successful CPAP/BIPAP user. As a part of your healthcare team we want you to be aware of the known benefits of CPAP/BIPAP therapy and the requirements that your insurance company has established.

Each insurance company establishes its own requirements and some do vary. These minimum requirements must be met for the insurance company to pay for their part of your therapy.
The general insurance guideline is that you must use your CPAP/BIPAP at least four hours per night during the first three months of use (your insurance may have different requirements if you do not understand or are not certain of your requirements call us at 800-420-0202). This period of use starts the day of your setup. It may also include a required return visit to your doctor, after a specific period,  to discuss your experience with CPAP/BIPAP. Some insurance companies like Medicaid & Medicaid HMO’s require 4 months of monitoring instead of 3 months. Our compliance specialist will work with you to define your requirements. You can expect us to review you requirements at time of setup but our specialist is available to discuss this further. We ask that you be involved and partner with us so that you can be a successful CPAP/BiPAP user. Questions! Call us at 1-800-420-0202.


CPAP/BIPAP prevents the collapse of tissue in the back of your throat, by pushing a constant steady stream of air through a mask worn while sleeping. The CPAP’s constant pressure forces the air passages to stay open allowing you to breathe, and avoid the apneas that cause your lack of quality sleep.
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment requires you to wear a mask covering the mouth and/or nose during sleep. An air blower is attached to the mask, forcing air into the upper airway. This constant and continuous air pressure can be regulated (based upon your doctor’s order) and prevents the tissue in the back of the throat from collapsing during sleep. CPAP is not a cureall, you must continue to use the device regularly and follow the doctor's instructions to avoid apnea episodes.

What are the Beniefits of CPAP/BIPAP

Effective treatment of sleep apnea with CPAP leads to a significant reduction in blood pressure. Mean reduction may be as much as 10 mm Hg, which is similar to the reduction seen with some anti-hypertensive drugs.

CPAP therapy is associated with a reduction in risk of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events.

CPAP treatment of sleep apnea has been shown to reduce the risk of new vascular events in stroke patients.

CPAP therapy may help patients better manage their diabetes.

Adjusting to CPAP/BIPAP

This video will help you with pointers on how to adjust to using your CPAP or BIPAP to meet your insurance providers requirements.

What if I wake up at night

How can I get back to sleep

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